Monday, April 17, 2017

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  Senator worries that making laws people have to follow will end up being her job. One particular attack that Democrats made against Judge Neil Gorsuch before his nomination to the Supreme Court was confirmed last week is worth recalling for what it reveals about the state of our government. Myron Magnet writes:
“Gorsuch, [Sen. Feinstein] charged, opposed the Supreme Court’s 1984 Chevron-deference doctrine, ‘a long-standing legal doctrine that allows agencies to write regulations necessary to effectively implement the laws that Congress passes and the president signs,’ the senator explained, not quite correctly. ‘Congress relies on agency experts to write the specific rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures necessary to carry out laws we enact’—the rules that enable ‘the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act to protect our environment from pollution,’ and allow ‘the FDA and the agriculture department [to] safeguard the health and safety of our food supply, our water, our medicines.