Saturday, May 13, 2017

The election of Emmanuel Macron

The election of Emmanuel Macron has launched France into uncharted territory. World Policy Institute fellow Monique El-Faizy outlines the challenges ahead for France's first outsider president, whose year-old party will need a strong showing in next month's legislative elections in order to implement the agenda he campaigned on.
The presidential election saw a sound defeat for France’s traditional political parties, neither of which made it past the first round of voting. In the latest episode of World Policy On Air, we talk with Paris-based writer Cole Stangler, who expands on his article in the spring issue of World Policy Journal, “The Left Restored is Mightier Than Le Pen.” He discusses the future of the French politics on both the left and the right.
Ahead of the final round of voting, World Policy Journal spoke with political scientist Sheri Berman about how the French election fits into broader trends in European politics—and about the disturbing movement toward political extremes across the continent, even with a presumed electoral victory of the more moderate Macron.