Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Western Balkans

Western Balkans: more resilience for the energy sector

Brief - No19 - 14 June 2017

Zoran Nechev, Aleksandrs Svilans

This Brief focuses on enhancing state resilience in the energy sector across the Western Balkans and shows how a transition to fully transparent and open energy markets is only possible through regulatory and legislative reform and the establishment of a financially attractive environment for investors.

Fostering resilience in the Western Balkans

Brief - No18 - 14 June 2017

Florian Trauner, Zoran Nechev

This Brief shows that, in the case of the Western Balkans, improving resilience requires a careful analysis of how the enlargement process can be adapted and improved in order to maintain its transformative power, as well as ensure that reforms are both sustainable and irreversible.

Illiberalism in the Western Balkans?

Alert - No17 - 14 June 2017

Tzveta Dryanovska

This Alert examines recent negative political developments in the Western Balkans, against the backdrop of a worrying drift towards illiberal authoritarianism in countries of the region. It argues that if local political actors do not take tangible steps towards reform to address the ongoing illiberal trends, political instability could re-emerge once again in the region.

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